7-8 September 2014                             3rd International Symposium for Olympic Research






Dear guests, the entire team behind the "Olympic Idea Nowadays" research project  would like to give you a warm welcome.


It is a pleasure to share with you our 3rd  Edition of the International Symposium for Olympic Research, "The Olympic Idea - Quo Vadis?", hosted by Johannes Gutenberg University in Mainz, Germany.


About the Project


The purpose of the symposium is to add knowledge to the multi-step research project “OIN - Olympic Idea Nowadays”.


We aim to investigate the structure of values that are explicitly and implicitly associated with the Olympic Games as perceived in different cultures. During the event in Mainz, it will be assessed whether the Olympic Idea is still in good health present or declining. If the latter, we would like to explore which of the Olympic values are threatened today and which values may just have changed over time..




The following results will be presented and discussed during the symposium:


“Verifying” the Olympic values via rigorous and state-of-the art empirical studies; values for communication through Olympic Education programs


Identifying  important implications for Olympic Organizations (IOC, NOCs, OCOGs, and NOA) in  reviving the values of the Olympic Games


Making a contribution to Agenda 2020 and helping potential bid cities to activate the values among their population


Helping media corporations and sponsors to identify sponsor-event fit characteristics


Creating basic knowledge for future Olympic research and the OSC.


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