MESGO visiting European Handball Federation in Vienna

The academic partners of the Executive Master in Sport Governance (MESGO) have gathered at the European Handball Federation (one of the team sport partners of the programme) in Vienna for a two-day meeting of the MESGO Management Committee.

The picture shows Prof. Dr. Holger Preuss together with Dr. Mathias Schubert.

Council of Europe new partner of mesgo V

Starting n September Mesgo V has a new partner. The Council of Europe is also joining MESGO. after joining yesterday UEFA.
Ceferin said:
“For its part, the Council of Europe has been a regular guest at important UEFA events, technical workshops and summits.  Earlier this year, it became a partner of UEFA’s Master in Executive Sports Governance, a leading education programme for sports executives”. More information 

Consultation hours 

Prof. Dr. Preuss: Tue 11 - 12

Dr. N. Schütte: Wed 17 - 18 

PD Dr. T. Könecke: parental leave

Zuzana Botiková: Wed 14-15

Dr. H. Scholl: Thu 14-15

Dr. M. Mauritz: Thu 10-11

Dr. M. Schubert: Thu 14 - 15 (upon prior notice)

A. Scheu: Wed 14 - 15

F. Wagner: Thu 10-11

M. Weitzmann: during semester breaks in consultation

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