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Working Paper Series - Mainzer Papers on Sports Economics & Management

On this page, current research projects and papers intended for publication will be presented. This will give insight into ideas and concepts of current research at the Institute for Sport Science, especially in the Sports Economics and Management field. Further, the online publication of the working papers will create the opportunity for discussion and suggestions to further enhance the quality of the papers before they are actually sent in to be reviewed before publication in a Journal.

The versions available here are not the same as the papers from the Journals!

No. Year Authors Titel Paper
14)2017Scheu, A & Preuss, H.The Legacy of the Olympic Games from 1896 - 2016. A systematic review of academic publications.
13)2014Preuss, H., Schütte, N., Könecke, T. & DaCosta, L.Olympic Ideals as seen by Olympic Scholars and Experts
12)2014Könecke, T., Preuß, H. & Schütte, N.Der 1. FCK als regionalökonomischer Wirtschaftsfaktor: Unterschiede zwischen der 1. und 2. Bundesliga (GERMAN)
11)2013Könecke, T. & Puci, D.Die Ausbildungsentschädigung im Hessischen Amateurfußball gemäß § 23a DFB-SpO – Eine ökonomische Betrachtung (GERMAN)
10)2013Könecke, T.„Helden im Sport“ und „Helden aus dem Sport“ – hermeneutische Betrachtungen zu ausgewählten Expositionsprozessen im und durch Sport (GERMAN)
9) 2012 Preuss, H. Olympische Spiele der Neuzeit als Wirtschaftsfaktor - Wer
profitiert von den Olympischen Spielen?
Accepted as book chapter - in a different version - ...
8) 2012 Preuss, H.Green economy challenges for the FIFA World Cup and the
Olympic Games
Currently under Review

7) 2012 Preuss, H. & Haugen, K. & Schubert, M.UEFA Financial Fair Play: The Curse of Regulation
Currently under Review

6) 2012 Preuss, H. & Schnitzer, M.Budgeting the FIFA World Cup - a benchmark analisys for the local organising comittee budgets 
Accepted and an updated current version of this paper will be available in the Journal  "Event Management" (Vol 19)

5) 2011Preuss, H.Opportunitätskosten und Effizienz von Investitionen in die Olympischen Winterspiele München 2018

in english a former version was published as Preuss, H. (2009). Opportunity costs and efficiency of investments in mega sport events.
Journal of Policy Research in Tourism, Leisure and Events, 1(2), 131-140.
4) 2011 Preuss, H. & Werkmann, K.Erlebniswert der Olympischen Winterspiele in München 2018
Accepted and an updated current version of this paper will is available as Preuß, H. & Werkmann, K. (2011). Erlebniswert Olympischer Winterspiele in München 2018. Experiential Value of Hosting the 2018 Winter Olympics in Munich. Sport und Gesellschaft. Sport and Society, 8(2), S. 97-123.
3)2010 Preuss, H.The measurement of crowding-out at the FIFA Football World Cup in South Africa 2010
Accepted and an updated current version of this paper will is available as Preuss, H. (2011). A method for calculating the crowding-out effect in sport mega-event impact studies: The 2010 FIFA World Cup. Development Southern Africa, 28(3), S. 367-385.
2) 2010 Ahlert, G. & Preuss, H.Experiences in Estimating the Macroeconomic Impact of Mega Tourism Events - the Case of Hosting the FIFA Football World Cup Germany 2006
1) 2009 Preuss, H. & Alfs, C. The Perception of the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games in China and  the World
Accepted and an updated current version of this paper will is available as Preuss, H. & Alfs, C. (2011). Signaling through the 2008 Beijing Olympics– Using Mega Sport Events to Change the Perception and Image of the Host. European Sport Management Quarterly, 11(1), S. 55-71.


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