7-8 September 2014                             3rd International Symposium for Olympic Research



Sunday, September 7 | science meets fun


1st workshop | Agenda 2020: What is the scholarly position on the Olympic Agenda 2020?


In this workshop we can discuss and formulate key scholarly perspectives on Agenda 2020 for the consideration of the IOC and the world when looking toward the future of the Olympics.


2nd workshop |values – population: How should the Olympic Idea be activated among the population of Olympic host cities?


In this workshop we will discuss ideas and measures on how the Olympic Games can connect with the host cities’ populations. Learning from the protest in Brazil regarding the 2014 World Cup, we should think about building bridges to connect the local population with the Games and not make them appear as a spaceship that lands and leaves a “damaged” landing ground.


3rd workshop | values – fundamental principles: How current are the fundamental principles of the Olympic Charter?


In this workshop we can reexamine the fundamental principles of the Olympic Charter with suggested updates being sent to the IOC.  It may be that certain core principles, while essential, are not addressing modern concerns and others may not be stressed enough. Some may even lead to misperceptions regarding how the Olympic Movement can change the world, others may be not be written precise enough.


4th workshop | values – measurement: How can we collect valid perceptions on the Olympic Idea in different cultures?


In this workshop we address the research methodology of our project OIN. We can talk about possibilities to include participants’ countries (e.g. yours) in our research project. It also can be discussed how research problems connected to cultural habits can be overcome. Lastly we would like to collect a broad range of ideas to protect against having an Eurocentric perspective in our research.


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