7-8 September 2014                             3rd International Symposium for Olympic Research

Program I


Saturday, September 6 | from 19h


Evening event for our international guests


Sunday, September 7 | science meets fun


10-12 Historical City Tour in Oppenheim


12-13 Lunch


13-14 Focus Group Discussion


14-16 Workshops


         1st workshop | values – agenda 2020

         What is the scholarly position on the Olympic Agenda 2020?


         2nd workshop | values – population

         How to activate to Olympic Idea among the population of  Olympic host cities?


         3rd workshop | values – fundamental principles

         How current are the fundamental principles of the Olympic Charter?


         4th workshop | values – measurement

         How can we collect perceptions on the Olympic Idea in different cultures?


16-18 Guided tour through the vineyards


18-20 Dinner in a cosy winery tavern in Nierstein

Oppenheim and Nierstein


The towns of Oppenheim and Nierstein are in the wine region known as Rheinhessen. An exciting aspect of Oppenheim is the labyrinth of connected cellars under the village.

The towns are very famous for their vineyard estates and its terrific wine.

… which we will taste!

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